Sleeping bag merino wool - siënna clay

€64,95 Outside eu €53,68


Woolen sleeping bag from Unaduna. This sleeping bag has an "intermediate" thickness (it is thicker than our woolen basics, but thinner than wool fleece). The sleeping bag is made of organic merino wool and helps to regulate the body temperature of your little one. When using layers of wool, for example by wearing a woolen body and/or woolen shirt underneath, the sleeping bag can be used all year round. The sleeping bag feels soft on the skin, breathes and absorbs moisture without feeling damp. Sleep tight! Designed and produced with love and care.


Size 50 (50cm): 0-3 months
Size 70 (70cm): 3-9 months
Size 90 (90cm): 9-18 months


This product doesn't need to be washed before wearing it for the first time. After the knitting process, all fabrics are washed to rinse out any excess dye residues and to remove knitting oils and dirt. It should be washed as little as possible. Wool regenerates in oxygen-rich air of its own accord so it can also just be well-aired.

Need a wash anyway? This product can be washed by hand in lukewarm water. Please use a (biological) wool-wash detergent, don’t use any softener. We recommend gently squeezing (not wringing!) the product after rinsing, pulling it into shape while wet and letting it air dry. Do not put in the tumble drier.


Fairly produced in: Germany 
Composition: wool 
Quality mark: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), IVN Best
Color: siënna clay
TOG value: 0.64


Made of organic merino wool (100%).