Sleeping Bag Merino Wool Fleece - sienna clay

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Unaduna merino wool fleece sleeping bag. Wonderfully soft and warm for your little one! The sleeping bag is made of organic merino wool fleece and helps to regulate the body temperature of your little one. When using layers of wool, for example by wearing a woolen body and/or woolen shirt underneath, the sleeping bag can be used all year round. The sleeping bag feels soft on the skin, breathes and absorbs moisture without feeling damp. Sleep tight! Designed and produced with love and care.

The sleeping bag might loose some fluff in the beginning. This is a natural proces from wool fleece whereby the excess of fleece from the production comes off. The pilling reduces in time, but might stay visible on the inside of the sleeping bag (depending on the mobility of your little one). You can easily shake off the fluff, it won’t influence the softness or warmth of the sleeping bag. 


This product doesn't need to be washed before using it for the first time. After the knitting process, the fabric is washed to rinse out any excess dye residues and to remove knitting oils and dirt. It should be washed as little as possible. Wool regenerates in oxygen-rich air of its own accord so it can also just be well-aired or hung in the damp of the bathroom after a shower.

Need a wash anyway? Wool fleece is more sensitive than other woolen fabrics. We strongly recommend washing this sleeping bag by hand in lukewarm water of max. 30°C and with a little (biological) wool-wash detergent. Make sure to prevent temperature variations (so don't rinse with cold water!). After washing, gently squeeze the water out of the sleeping bag, pull it into shape (avoid wringing or rubbing) and let it air dry while laying flat. Should you choose to machine wash this sleeping bag, please note that this is at your own risk. You should select a wool wash programme of max. 30°C and manually adjust the spin speed to max. 600 rpm. Use a little wool-wash detergent, don't use any softener. Cold rinsing can cause the sleeping bag to shrink, make sure this feature is disabled. 


This soft wool fleece sleeping bag is produced exclusively for us by Engel Natur, in the wonderful Unaduna colour sienna clay. Limited edition!


Fairly produced in: Germany
Material: wool fleece
Quality mark: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), IVN Best
Colour: sienna clay
TOG value: 1.65


Made of organic wool fleece (100%).

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