Summer shirt pointelle - umbre

€22,95 Outside eu €18,97


Soft pointelle shirt with thin straps. Unaduna shirt finished with the sweetest crochet edge. The wool silk combination protects your child against temperature fluctuations. The color umber is a wonderful earth color, giving the shirt a warm and soft appearance. Designed and manufactured with love and care.


These shirts have a loose fit. Not sure about which size to choose? Have a look at the size chart below. Made of high quality, so you can enjoy it for a long time! 


This product doesn't need to be washed before wearing it for the first time. After the knitting process, all fabrics are washed to rinse out any excess dye residues and to remove knitting oils and dirt. It should be washed as little as possible. Wool regenerates in oxygen-rich air of its own accord so it can also just be well-aired.

Need a wash anyway? This product can be machine-washed at max. 30°C. Please use a wool-wash detergent, don’t use any softener. Make sure to select a Wool Wash/Hand Wash program and to set the spin speed manually to max. 600 rpm.


Produced in: Denmark 
Composition: wool and silk
Quality mark: Oeko-tex standaard 100. Wool rich blend.
Color: umbre


Made of wool (85%) and silk (15%).

Size chart

width(measured below armpits) 24,9cm 26,4cm 27,9cm 29,4cm 30,9cm 32,9cm 35,1cm
length(voorpand vanaf schouder(bandje)) 39,9cm 42,9cm 45,5cm 47,6cm 51,4cm 55,8cm 60,9cm
length(shoulder strap) 9,5cm 9,7cm 10,0cm 10,3cm 10,7cm 11,0cm 11,8cm